Wine and…chocolate


How about to pair wine with chocolate? It’s a hard bond, considered by many still impossible!

Some people suggest the only pairing possible to chocolate, especially the dark one, being water, at the most some spirits like rum or cognac; the reason why is that the buttery patina created by the cocoa butter on the taste bunds and the long lasting persistence have always been considered organoleptic properties unlikely combinable with wine.

But things are changing; the strong dictates of international sommeliers – especially the French and Italian ones – have been influenced by the overseas habits; Californian and Australian people account Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfadel (in Italy known as “Primitivo”) and Shyras (called “Shiraz” in Australia) a real delicacy to pair with dark chocolate.

These are soft wines (therefore rich in glycerin and alcohol), dry and astringent tasting thanks to tannins and the very few acids, powerful and round (not sweet) so that their aroma is not overpowered by chocolate.

Nowadays sommeliers are able to suggest wines perfectly matching with chocolate desserts and with bars and pralines with a high cocoa percentage.

A golden rule says that you can always find the right combination and – assuming that the higher the percentage of cocoa in chocolate is, the most the wine must be aromatic, well-structured, persistent and obviously sweet – you’ll see that many different possibilities are left opened.

The choice is up to you: if you’d like a closer examination of the topic, come and visit us and we will discourse on wine and chocolate, but also on sweet raisin wines, fortified wines, aromatized wines…

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