About us

“Vini e sapori” is a precious corner in the heart of Milan, that welcomes its clients in the middle of well-organized shelves presenting a rich variety of typical products of the “Bel Paese”, various chocolate bars with extraordinary properties and valued wines. All products that can been sought out only thanks to the passion of real connoisseurs, who propose them to a careful and demanding public.
A public that always more frequently accepts the idea that “thanks to the right combination wine and chocolate can produce real unique sensations”.
“Vini e sapori” sponsors this “combination possibility” with heart and expertise: and more and more clients let themselves guide in this new wonderful world.
The same is for the valued, passionate and continuous proposal of confectionary and food products, all of them telling stories about the regional traditions of our country.
It may be about a dinner to be planned, the wish of discovering new wines, the desire of finding a rare bottle or the simple curiosity about tasting something new; in all these cases the experience of “Vini and Sapori’s ” connoisseurs is made available to always guarantee optimal results.
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